November 27, 2010

Hair Peace.

In honor of the holidays, I'm pausing to ponder Hair Peace. I've definitely been a fan of long, messy hair with blunt bangs the last few years, but I still have fantasies about the perfect bob. I'm thinking hair because I just dyed mine "Dark Brown" out of the Clairol Perfect 10 box. I like going a little darker during the winter because it looks better against my pale skin. When I do go seeking real, true hair peace, I go to Brandy White at True Blue Salon. She knows how to do a haircut that's more edgy than pretty and she's just plain awesome. Mostly, though, I just go to Super Cuts every six weeks for a bang trim. The hairdresser's fingers smell vaguely of cigarettes, but really who can beat good bangs for $6?

Happy hair everyone!

Kate Moss

 Liv Tyler

Rachel McAdams
Kirsten Dunst
Jessie Baylin
Amanda Bynes
Brigitte Bardot
Kim Kardashian
Free People catalog
Vogue model 
Zoey Deschanel 
Agyness Deyn
Laurie Bird

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