November 25, 2010

Happy Turkeys

At 6 a.m. our alarm clock went off. Nekos, Tessa, and I met my mom and started the day along with  8,000 other Nashvillians in the Boulevard Bolt, a five-mile "race" down Belle Meade Boulevard. It benefits the homeless, which makes it sort of ironic that the Bolt is on the ritziest street in Music City. It was 65 degrees when we parked the car, and there was a breeze. Holidays tend to make me gloomy, but I liked all the activity and people. And I got to wear my Michael Jackson tee-shirt in November. 

Tessa started things out on Nekos' shoulders, but she fell asleep up there. We moved her to my Ergo Baby carrier, and she slept on me for the next four miles. Nekos wanted to run the last two miles of the race, but mom, Tessa, and I just walked and talked, gawking at the mansions and stopping every so often to admire a sleeping Tessa. I think we finished maybe 7,999th of 8,000 people. We weren't last, but we were close. There was an ambulance driving really slowly and insistently behind us for the last mile. 

I'm just thankful that my 61-year-old mom can walk five miles with us. I'm thankful that Nekos and I could walk five miles, too, and that we could bring along our beautiful, healthy little girl. 

When we got home we heated up the Thanksgiving dinner Nekos had ordered and picked up from Mitchell Deli. It was ridiculously good, and we didn't have to shop, cook or do much clean-up afterwards. I normally have some cooking or cleaning related anxiety attack around Thanksgiving, so this catering thing was nice. 

I did make a pumpkin pie last night. Nekos has Type 1 diabetes, and this pie was from some diabetes cookbook I've had for years. It was good, not great. Tasted a little diet-y. But I guess we needed a little diet-y after what had just happened. 

Our Cajun fried turkey
We started Tessa off with some sweet potato. 
Then a bit of turkey, some wild mushroom dressing, and more sweet potato. 
She promptly passed out in her high chair, and I carried her upstairs to her crib for a long nap. 
Tessa and Nekos after her nap

While Tessabean was sleeping, we put up our tree and decorated it so we could surprise her when she woke up. She's trying to eat Hattie in this picture. She tries to eat everything.

I'm so thankful that I got to spend the day with people who I love so much. 

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