November 11, 2010

Hello, out there.

Welcome, everynone of you. There have been so many reasons not to blog that I've deferred for a long time--worrying about it being a time suck or not a personally fulfilling venture or, worst of all, that it might make me out to be a narcissistic fool. But in the end there's just too much that I want to say and praise and puzzle over and even show off. So this will be a blog about many happy things: what I'm listening to, what I'm reading, what I'm wearing, what trips my little family is taking, what I've been crafting, what I've been writing, and what I've been buying. There will be lots about my husband Nekos and my daughter Tessa. Turns out, I'm the happiest I've ever been, and it's a time in my life that needs documenting. I quit writing poetry eight years ago when I met my husband. Because for years before him, I so wanted a lover and I was consumed by it. I've said that I only write when I'm sad, but I don't want that to be so anymore. Maybe if I write this blog and ever get unhappy again, I can use this as a way to figure out how to make the sun shine once more.


  1. It has always stuck with me... you saying, "I only write when I'm sad." I remember so well you commenting that after you met Nekos, you felt so happy that you seemed to lack some of your typical motivation to write.

    But, gah! How I love your writing! Few things make me happier than seeing that you have started a blog.

    I will be, what I am sure will be one of your MANY, faithful readers.