November 17, 2010

What I've Been Writing

Photo Credit: Shorpy Historic Photo Archive

Just a quick rundown of what I've been writing about lately:

Gibson is prepping for the release of a new guitar and assigned me a half-dozen stories about "revolutionaries" to drive home the ground-breaking-ness of their Firebird X. These have been fun to work on. Here are two of them--one for Orville Gibson and one for Brian Wilson.

For BMI, I've written profiles of Broken Bells, Chiddy BangRandy Houser (who was so very nice on the phone), and a couple of others not yet published. I also got some work recently for Guitar Shop TV, which hasn't officially launched just yet.

Most of these articles happen quickly, written during Tessa's naps while I bite my fingernails and hope it all comes out the way I want it to. I kind of like it that way because there's not much time to agonize over word choices or anything really. This freelance writing thing's going great. But I'm always looking for more ...

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