December 23, 2010

9 Months Old.

Miss Bean is nine months today. Nine months in, nine months out. The "out" part has been way better than the "in" part, but then again I just wasn't a very happy pregnant lady. I am a very, very happy mama.

Tess hasn't lived up to our prediction that she'd be walking by Christmas, and I am so happy about that. I'm not ready for walking. The slap-slap-slap of her palms against the wood floors as she crawls around--that's enough. The triumph on her face when she pulls up on the coffee table, my knees, our bed--that's enough. I'm delighted watching her eat Cheerios and scrambled eggs and Craisins and all kinds of exotic things that she would have spat right out a month ago. Tess has too quickly turned into a toddler, and I want to freeze-frame her little booty right here. This age is the most fun (so far).

She started saying "mama" just this week. Not as frequently as "dada," which Nekos has gotten to hear for two months already, but I love the word "mama." It's so sweet and Southern and simple, and it's the first time it's ever been applied to me.

Tessa Jean, to be sure, is a daddy's girl. I get it. I am pretty crazy about Nekos too. I'm so happy that she has a daddy who loves her and takes so much pleasure in caring for her like Nekos does.

Her snort face. There's a lot of this.