December 12, 2010

Deck The Annie Halls

Our back porch
Today Nashville is getting its first real snow of the season. Luckily, my mom sent Tessa home with a baby-sized sled. (It was supposed to be for Christmas, but it couldn't wait.) The temps are getting into the teens tonight, and the snow's still coming down, so I hope there will be plenty of it left tomorrow for us to drag Tessa around in.

It's been a social whirlwind these last few days, which was a relief because I had come down with some serious cabin fever. So far the worst thing about limiting ourselves to eating out only one night a week is that I don't get to get out of the house much. Or maybe the worst thing is the dirty dishes.

We had friends over for cocktails on Thursday night, friends over for dinner and a backyard fire on Friday night, and then last night we passed the baby off to my mom and ventured out in the rain to a birthday party with a twins theme. Beforehand, Nekos and I compared wardrobes and came up with a nerdy Annie Hall-ish ensemble--neckties, blazers, newsboy caps, and glasses. And rain boots. The party turned out to be so fun and spirited, and the twins theme was woven into every detail. Twinkies were served. Balloons were tied together in pairs. And there was a dice game that involved taking shots. If you refused, you had to tie your leg to your partner's leg for 20 minutes. Nekos and I just took the shots.

Here are some twins pics that we got:

Garp & Hattie