December 13, 2010

A Cross Stitch Christmas

I'm still wearing the pajamas I put on last night. It was a snow day, after all.  Nekos got the day off work, which was amazing; he watched Tess this morning while I knocked out a deadline. And then we did some projects around the house, bundled Tessa up and pulled her around in her little sled, and just hung out. I love being snowed in.

Last night, we watched Tootsie after we put Miss Bean to bed. I'd never seen it before, and holy moly I loved it. Now I realize what a rip-off Mrs. Doubtfire is, although I will always have love for Mrs. Doubtfire. (Robin Williams is actually my celebrity father of choice. As in, if I could pick any celeb to be my dad, it would be Robin. Who could be better?) While we were watching the movie, I cross stitched this little ornament for Tessa. I wanted something sort of hokey and handmade to remember her first Christmas by. Mission accomplished.

Oh, and we got our Christmas card out today. Check her out ...