December 27, 2010

Friday's Happy List, 3 Days Late

1) My two best friends have been home for the holidays. One lives in Spokane and one lives in Tucson, so our visits are infrequent and heavenly. This is the two of them, icing strawberry cupcakes at my baby shower last February.

Molly and Brooke

2) This vintage umbrella. It seems to say: Spring is on the way, my dear! (Even though it's still a very, very long way off.)

Source: Etsy

3) This baby girl bedroom. It looks sort of ridiculously similar to the bedroom I blogged about here. I'm a sucker for pretty fabrics. I found this photo on the Oliver + S website, where this quilt is being offered as one of their free patterns. Quilt-making is definitely on my To Do list for 2011.

4) Free clothing patterns online. Speaking of sewing, I have been poring over free patterns online. There's so much stuff I want to make! I've never actually sewn an article of clothing before, but these look easy enough to tackle. I've come to understand, though, that no matter how easy something looks it will take dozens of hours and I will curse my sewing machine because there will always be a bobbin that runs out, a needle that becomes unthreaded, or a jam that can't be explained.

I want to make this:

And this:

And this, which shows how to turn a onesie into a dress:

5) Pretty fabrics to play with. To get started, I ordered a bunch of gorgeous fabrics from the Sew, Mama, Sew! store yesterday. I ordered only a yard of about 10 different fabrics, which is so neat because that way I'm only annoying one woman who I'll never meet in cyberspace versus a real live woman who will curse me for having to measure and cut so many small amounts of fabric. Here are some of my favorites that are on the way to me:

6) Paint chip art. I've been seeing a lot of this lately, and as a major fan of color, I love it.

These Behr paint chip embroideries were done by blogger Lisa Solomon, who sells them framed for $400!