December 10, 2010

Friday's Happy List

1) The Jenny & Johnny album. I'm a little late to the game on this one, but I am eating this up with a spoon. Jenny Lewis and her boyfriend Johnathan Rice made this quirky, pretty, catchy little record called I'm Having Fun Now. I like this stuff even better than Rilo Kiley or Jenny's solo stuff.

2) Tessa's new vintage overalls. I said I wouldn't purchase anything unnecessary this month, but I feel that these were very necessary. I scored them at Hip Zipper. They have a sick collection of vintage kid's clothes there.

Hip Zipper is the same place where I got Tessa her blue apple overalls a couple of months ago. Maybe I'm starting a collection of apple-themed vintage baby overalls.

3) The Mad Men-inspired organization of this vintage and handmade goods store. It's called Red Velvet, and it's in Springfield, Missouri. The owner of the shop is the A Beautiful Mess blogger, Elsie.

4) This Beatles poster by artist Max Dalton. 

5) Spin class. Nekos and I have taken two spin classes together this week at the Y. Tessa bullies all the other babies in the nursery while we listen to techno and a woman with a Janet Jackson microphone tells us to pedal harder. It's pretty awesome. We think we'll keep it up.

6) My Falling Whistles necklace. My girlfriend Kimberly Novosel gave me this for Christmas. All proceeds from the sales of these necklaces go to support peace in the Congo. The idea is that you're a "whistleblower" for peace. That's cool. And the necklace is really pretty and handy for a teething baby. xo, Kimberly!