December 31, 2010

Friday's Happy List

1) My little girl. With 2010 coming to a close today, I am thinking a lot about the year that was. For me, the year was Tessa and what a way to spend a year! Looking into those gray eyes, wiping that bottom, mopping baby food off our walls, and learning that most things that I thought would be easy about parenthood are hard and most things that I thought would be hard are easy. It's been a phenomenal year, not only because we welcomed Tessa in March but because I have gotten to stay home with her. I didn't know I would love being at home so much as I do. I am a big-time feminist. I think that means I'm supposed to be wearing a suit, coming up with ideas in a board room. But I much prefer wearing my slippers all day and doing some baking and some sewing.

Tessa has brought so much sunshine and promise into every day of our lives. It's hard to believe she was so tiny just nine months ago. Now she is a 20 lb. crawling machine.

Tessa Jean Barnes, one day old

2)  This feather painting. Just so pretty. 

Source: Larkspur Studio

3) These handmade cake stands. Just glue a pretty old candlestick to a pretty old plate. Love this idea.

Source: blog

4) My new blue jeans. My Dad got me a mall gift card for Christmas, and I spent it in its entirety on these Free People jeans. Have I mentioned that I am SO EXCITED that we got a Free People in the Green Hills Mall?!! Nekos calls them my Dazed and Confused pants. They so are! All '70s and bellbottom-y. And they're stretchy, comfortable, and actually long enough.

Source: Free People Sailor Relaxed Flare

5) This website was created by Andrea Linett, a former editor at Lucky, one of my favorite fashion magazines. There are both pictures of inspiring real women and sketches of fashionable women spied fleetingly on the street. I like this site because I, too, get as many fashion ideas from strangers as I do from magazines. I'm still thinking about recreating the outfit of this girl I saw months ago, holding hands with her fellow outside an East Nashville restaurant: skinny jeans, leopard flats, and a lemon-colored cardigan. Really just the perfect casual outfit. 

6) Planning our Southwestern adventure. I've been having so much fun doing some last minute dreaming and planning about the epic trip we're taking next week. It's me and Nekos with Tessa in tow, and we're hitting Tucson, Sedona, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon (which I've never seen before), AND Los Angeles. It's going to be one big, messy road trip through the desert and I couldn't be more excited (but also a little apprehensive about Tessa not absolutely losing it the car. There is nothing worse than a screaming baby in a car, in my mind).