December 26, 2010

The L.O.V.E. Wall

If you live in Nashville, you may have noticed that along I-40, around the White Bridge Road exit, there's a brightly colored wall with the word painted LOVE on it. Every side of the building is painted a different color of amazing.

Nekos recently went there to take pictures of two of our best friends, T.J. Anderson and Kimberly Novosel, because they wanted some pretty couple pictures to give to their parents for Christmas. I'm obsessed with how beautiful they turned out. Kimberly is a fashion stylist here in Nashville, and T.J. is this town's best realtor and Tessa's godfather. These pretty pictures are a credit to T.J. and Kimberly, who are so in love, but also to Nekos, who has turned into a terrific photographer this last year. I think it also helps that Nekos is a big cheeseball who will cheer on any couple who is in love. He loves love. :)