December 22, 2010

The Perfect Fur Coat

This might not be your perfect fur coat, but it's mine. I've been looking for her for a very long time. She couldn't be too short or too long or too animal-y. This one is actually faux fur, which is purr-fect because I get skeeved out by animal pelts. The sleeves had to be long enough--a problem with most vintage coats. And I had to feel fabulous in her. Not gaudy or ridiculous. 

This Alpaco coat from Almost Famous was my inspiration, but mine ended up looking less bohemian and more Elizabeth Taylor. 

Kate Hudson in Almost Famous
Elizabeth Taylor

These rhinestone buttons were a bonus. 

p.s. These pictures were a struggle. There was quite a bit of this:

Nekos: You look really uncomfortable. Maybe try not smiling?

Ellen: Okay, sure.

Nekos: Now you just look angry.

Ellen: Oh.

Nekos: Why don't you have a seat? Relax.

Ellen: I feel retarded.

Nekos: How about having a look inside this birdhouse here?


  1. :)

    Let's have a fur coat party. I don't care what we do. You wear yours. I'll wear mine.

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