December 28, 2010

Pretty Grateful

Today I found a thank you note in the mailbox from my mom. In her uniquely beautiful handwriting, it thanked me and Nekos specifically for each Christmas gift. It was such a satisfying thing to receive.

My mom taught me very early on to say thank you. She taught me to write thank you notes and to mention each thing and to tell how I would use it. Now, I'm a compulsive thank-you-er. I have plenty of flaws, but I am good at being grateful.

We got some pretty amazing gifts this Christmas.

My Aunt Mary Jane knitted Tessa a stocking. I am overwhelmed by that stocking. I think of how many hours it took her to make, how many times she imagined me opening the package, and how she had to drive to the post office and wait in line to mail it to us.

There were lots more pretty things this year.

Brooke gave us an ornament made of what was once a part of her baby mobile. Um, how amazing is that?

Molly gave me a beautiful comb made of bone to wrestle Tessa's tangles with.

Nekos got me everything on my wish list. (Thanks, baby!) I haven't taken my moccasins off.

Minnetonka Kilty Moccasins

Except to put on this heavenly pair of green sheepskin bedroom slippers. (Thanks, Mom!) I guess it was The Year of the Moccasins.

L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins

There were plenty of great toys and warm clothes for Tessa. This kid is such a fashionista after the haul she got, and our living room looks like a daycare center with all the toys to trip over.

I am tired from all the food I've eaten, wine I've swilled, conversations I've had, laughs I've shared, and sleep I've lost this holiday season. I am so grateful.

Here are some pretty little thank you notes I made today. I got the idea from my Applique Your Way book. Sewing on paper was really fun, and I liked that nothing had to be precise. The squares didn't have to be exactly square and the stitches didn't have to be very straight. I hope that those who get one in the mail will know that I appreciate all the thought and hope and love that goes into a gift.

If you're reading this, I'm thankful for you too.