December 19, 2010

Pyrex and an Overdose

I relapsed today. On old cookware. You know, I said something earlier this month about not spending unnecessary money, but I kind of lost my mind today. We had an odd and amazing thing happen this week: Our bank actually told us we had money in an account that we didn't even know we had. We still feel like it's too good to be true. So I felt compelled to spend some of the money today before they call us up and say the joke's on us.

I went to the Gas Lamp Antique Mall and went to town, with Tessa's stroller doubling as a grocery cart. I bought this rad fur coat ("but not a real fur coat that's cruel") from the '60s with sparkly rhinestone buttons, a pretty maxi skirt, and a military blazer that Nekos thinks makes me look like I work on a cruise ship. I also picked up a couple of odds and ends for the house, my favorite being this glorious vintage Pyrex cookware set. I've had my eye on this particular set for a month now, and today I held my breath until I found it just where I had left it last. I feel confident this means that I was meant to own it. Plus, it matches our kitchen perfectly.

I think it's so funny, and yet so understandable, that there are so many vintage Pyrex fanatics out there. There are entire websites devoted to the candy-colored obsession. There's even a Facebook page!

This is a great one ( and this effusive post on Gizmodo is pretty neat too.