December 5, 2010

Tessa, Meet Santa.

I told Santa that if he tickled Tessa on her tummy or made noises like he was going to eat her, he could get her to smile. But apparently Santas have rules. Like not tickling little girls. So even though Nekos, me, and two elves were jumping up and down, jangling a baby tambourine, and squealing her name, there was no smile. She had missed her afternoon nap, after all. At least she didn't cry. Also, Santa Claus made it a point to tell Nekos that he looks like Bo Diddley. Who knew they played the blues at the North Pole?

After Santa, we took Tessa out to my mom's house in Kingston Springs for the night. We asked her to take some pictures of us because we need to get our Christmas card together. And we really only have one or two "family" photos. There are piles of pictures of just Tessa, but not a lot of us three. I love the way these turned out.

Psst ... we chose this last one as our 2010 Christmas card shot.