December 2, 2010

Under the Tree for Tessa

I hit the mother lode on Craigslist yesterday. 

Tessa is on her feet all the time, cruising around but not walking yet. I thought she would fancy a rocking horse, and we decided to spend $50 on one for her for Christmas. I found that and more on Craigslist, dudes. I drove allll the way out to Smyrna to fetch these toys, and for $50 I got all this: a Musical Rocking Pony, a Fly-With-Elmo, and a Stride-to-Ride Lion. (I Googled all their names.) Plus, the lady threw in a toddler slide for free. She was grateful to see me pack all her shit in my car and drive away, and I was grateful too. 

After we put Tessa to bed, Nekos and I cleaned everything and put in fresh batteries. These guys light up, sing songs. They're great. Pretty sure we have more fun with Tessa's toys than she does.