December 6, 2010

While She Was Sleeping

I got a lot done while Tessa was down for her afternoon nap today. I owe it all to Nekos, who came home for lunch and then put her down for her nap. He is so much more patient than I am so he will hold her in his arms until she falls asleep whereas I normally just put her in her crib and let her cry for a few minutes until she falls asleep. That sounds awful. But it's true. Anyway, she took a two hour afternoon nap. It was nice. Here is what I did while she was sleeping:

1) Made a "draft dodger." I didn't know that's what these things are called, but finally figured it out after some extensive Google searches. Apparently lots of people like to make their draft dodgers look like snakes. I like that idea; I think I'll make a snake one for the window right above Tessa's crib. This one was made to plug up all the cold air that's been seeping in from our basement. It has ric-rac on it! I LOVE RIC RAC. It's filled with rice, and minus the time it took me to remember how to thread a sewing machine bobbin, it took five minutes to make.

2) Made another doily necklace. This time I used two doilies. You can never have enough doilies?

As an aside, tonight I stumbled on two awesome freebies in blog land.

1) These bird paintings by artist Rebecca Kallem, which you're allowed to print out and use as you please. I printed them out on resume paper and am gonna hang them in Tessa Jean's room.

2) This Vintage Chica pointed out that there are fourteen free, printable patterns from publisher STC Craft. I am 100 percent going to make the Mermaiden for Tessa for Christmas, but I also have fantasies about making the Material Obsession quilt and the Family Banner. 


Material Obsession 2 quilt

Family Banner
(Click on photos above to begin downloading patterns.)

Speaking of crafting books, I got this one yesterday, 30 percent off at Davis Kidd. (Soooo sad DK is closing.) Can't wait to make some stuff. :)