January 23, 2011

10 Months Old.

Tessa Jean is 10 months old today. I always tell my girlfriends who live out of town that she is more than her milestones, that it's hard for me to sum up "what's going on with her" in words or by listing off her achievements. I do like that my Lil Miss Independent has grown more attached to me lately, clinging to me when I try to put her down. I think our road trip bonded her to us even more because it was such an intense, hands-on time together. I love that she's become more affectionate. She will sit still longer so I can cuddle her in my lap and she'll move her little, open rosebud mouth toward mine for a kiss and wrap her little fists around my neck for a hug. She laughs a lot more now. She's still not walking but she is standing up on her own and she'll stay standing for a few seconds before plopping down on her booty. I secretly fear that she'll only accept pureed food for the rest of her life because she's been so slow to take to big people food. But there are no adults that I know of that require that all of their foods be put into a blender, so surely this will pass.

These two are crazy about each other. 
OK, it's bed time.