January 28, 2011

Friday's Happy List

1) This plastic little kid plate. Good reminder. I need one myself. 
Source: Nutri Plate
 This one too! Less chiding and more fun, this one's called the Food Face Dinner Plate.

Source: PerpetualKid.com

These moccasin boots from Yuketen. Out of my price range, but they'd be pretty perfect with skinny jeans.

Source: Yuketen

This photo.

Source: Alexandrena Parker

This light. This tutorial on Design*Sponge shows how to make one yourself. I don't think I'm capable of that, but I've always loved big, cheesy light-up signs and dreamed of having one in our kitchen. Nekos needs to learn to operate a jigsaw. Although it was also pointed out to me that letter lights can be ordered from Urban Outfitters.

Source: Design*Sponge

Teen Vogue DIYs. This week I found some cool DIY fashion projects on the Teen Vogue website. These are my two favorite ...

The jewelry designer behind Lulu Frost posted this tutorial about how to string together several vintage necklaces and broaches to make something like this:

Source: Teen Vogue

The two designers behind The Veronica Beards offered this tutorial on sewing together a schoolboy blazer and a hoodie:
Source: Teen Vogue

This decanter set. I wish I drank whiskey or bourbon or something cool. But I'm really just a beer girl. If I did join Nekos in his love of Old Fashioneds, it would be pretty rad if the whiskey was poured from this decanter set by Love & Victory. P.S. This set is being offered as a giveaway from Miss James over at Bleubird Vintage.
Source: Love & Victory 
They also sell "7 Deadly Sins Glassware." Sort of gloomy and gothy but I dig.

Tess's new shoes. My friend Tara brought her little boy Sawyer over yesterday to play and he had on his new squeaker shoes. My heart leapt everytime he walked because it was so stinking cute. Tess has only two pairs of shoes that fit anyway so I went ahead and scooped up these two pairs of Wee Squeakers that were on sale at Zulily. Don't know about Zulily? You can use my invitation code here to check it out. 

Source: Wee Squeakers

Source: Wee Squeakers

The weather this weekend. Ready for this? 52 degrees tomorrow, 54 degrees on Sunday and 51 degrees on Monday! I am so psyched. We're planning to hit up Lake Radnor for a hike and to take Tess to the park for an inaugural swing in one of these puppies:

This engagement ring. I don't think it's technically an engagement ring but I want it to be. It's aquamarine with a rose gold bevel and for $458, it would be an affordable and gorgeously unique way to propose to a lady. I like the idea of getting engaged not costing a guy (or girl) three months salary. 

Source: Garnet Girl Designs


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