January 31, 2011

What I've Been Writing

I'm really sick. I couldn't even muster the energy to surf the Internet or return texts today. Scary. I got a stomach bug that Tessa had over the weekend. I guess that should have been expected since she literally puked all over me. The funny thing is I didn't even mind. I was just worried as hell. She is fine now. I'm the one who feels like death.

Anyway, here's a quickie little post with some links to stories I've written recently. Check them out if you have a minute. Hopefully I'll be back in the blog saddle tomorrow.

Loved doing this interview. Bonnie writes bunches of Katy Perry songs and told me that Katy Perry has the hottest body she's ever seen in person of any human being ever. And other such deep things...
Bonnie McKee: The Eternal Teenager

The story in which my fictional love affair with '60s era Dylan gets pretty much extinguished because, it turns out, consensus has it he was a cruel and heartless boyfriend...
5 Rainy Day Women: Bob Dylan's Muses

A fun how-to story for BMI's songwriters...
Heard But Not Seen: How Indie Songwriters Can Make It Big On-Screen

An interesting story that came together last minute with the help of my new-ish friend Robert Rodriguez, an authority on all things Beatles...
10 More Things You Might Not Know About John Lennon

Loved getting to exercise my crafty muscle in my freelance work and met a very cool chick -- Hannah Garrison from Wear Your Music -- in the process... 
No Strings Attached: How to Reuse Your Guitar Strings

And lots more news items and features for Gibson.com that you can check out here if you're interested.


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