February 28, 2011

Bell-Bottom Blues

So I loved the skinny jeans trend, but you know what I love way more than skinny jeans? Big-ass bellbottoms. I'm not talking boot cut jeans. But hugely exaggerated wide leg pants. I've picked up a couple of pairs this season at Free People that I wear constantly, but I'm on the hunt for an authentic pair of vintage denim bellbottoms.

I am really inspired by Style Pantry blogger Folake Kuye Huntoon. I just discovered her blog this last week, but I think she way well have my favorite style of any other blogger. Then again, that massive fro could just make any outfit look cool. First off, the woman has THREE children. She lives in Los Angeles and all of her outfit pictures are streaked through with sunlight. She's a fashion designer and stylist and I love the way she mixes color and texture and piles on accessories. It's also sort of unexpected that she wears pants so often, since so many fashiony people are always in skirts and dresses.

Here are some of her most recent wide-legged ensembles:

All photos from Style Pantry