February 26, 2011

Stuff I Wore: A Girls' Night Out.

Vintage velvet blazer - The Hip Zipper
Romper - Free People
Tights - J. Crew
Ballet flats - Alfani
Compass necklace - a gift
Ring - Vintage (my great grandmother's)
Earrings - Pangea 

I got this romper last summer to wear to Bonnaroo (see pics at the very bottom), but I enjoyed winterizing it for a cold night out. I actually like the romper a lot better with tights and a blazer because I feel less naked. It's super short but since it's basically shorts it doesn't matter! I've lost 7 lbs. in the last three weeks, and it's bizarre how just that small amount can make me feel so much more confident. 

Nekos kept Tessa last night (thank you!) while I went out for a couple of hours with my friend Joy (is it weird that most of my friends have blogs and so I can just link to them when I talk about them?), who also has a baby. Both of us needed a break after stressful weeks with the babies. It was fab. 

My handsome photographer
Romping around Bonnaroo with my best gal pal Brooke

Lily Aldridge and me!

I think this romper will always remind me of meeting Lily Aldridge at Bonnaroo. She's one of the Victoria's Secret angels (I know, it's lame that I even know that) and she's Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill's fiance. They are my favorite modern rock band to see live so I totally dorked it up and asked for a picture with her. 

Hope you guys are all having great weekends so far! We're gonna strap Tessa into that thingy that you pull behind a bicycle and go on a family bike ride. It is SUNNY OUT! 


  1. totally cute jumper. looks great as a summer piece or layered for colder weather.
    and look at your closet behind you. looks like it's filled with goodies!!

  2. I've never been able to pull off a romper, so congrats for not only being able to do it in summer, but also managing to make it work for winter!!

  3. And you did indeed look totally hot. I love the summer look too with the wellies. You are so cute. Thanks for the girls' night out!

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