February 9, 2011

I Want to Hold Your Thread

When I look at inspiring craft stations, I tend to moon over the racks of thread and bobbins the most. Well, and the stacks of fabric. Well, and the jars of buttons. It makes sense. I LOVE COLOR. So I love thread. This morning I made a little spool rack of my own, from some spare ribbon, paint, and a little scrap lumber we had leftover from our shelf project over the weekend. It's a sweet little addition to my craft station.

Here are some other cool spool holders:

A run-of-the-mill Hobby Lobby spoolholder gets a sweet custard-yellow paint job. 
Source: A Blog by Danielle Thompson

This work station encorporates vintage Pyrex! Word. Plus, it's the sewing spot of my most favorite blogger. 
Source: Bleubird Vintage

This handmade holder is made from colored pencils in coordinating colors!
Source: kootoyoo
Source: kootoyoo

This righteous craft station is just ... righteous. The spool holder only makes it more so.