February 16, 2011

An Organization Idea: The Laundry Room

Wanna hear something weird? I like clothes so much that I actually enjoy doing laundry. I have this weird obsession with having every article of clothing that we have all clean and put away. That way, we can wear anything we want at any time. It's silly I know. We started using this Lavender Washing Power from the Green Wagon in East Nashville and it makes our clothes smell amazing and costs about the same as Tide would. In tribute to my love for laundry, I've been working on our laundry room since this past fall. A little at a time. It opens right off of our kitchen so I wanted to have it neat and colorful instead of one big mess like it used to be.

I started out painting it purple. The same purple as our dining room. And laid down a rug from Pier One.

Then I lined the shelves with this funky contact paper I bought at Pangea.

Then I bought these corrugated metal bins at Home Depot for $8 each. And I made these fun labels for them with some retro fabric I had. I did "Clean" for cleaning products, "Light" for light bulbs, "Eat" for paper plates, napkins, and other food-related items, and "Etc." for, well, other random things. I used magnets to attach the labels to the bins.

Apron hook. 
Cross stitches that my grandma did back in the day. 
Nekos' mason jar collection atop pretty contact paper.  
My perfectly imperfect labels, wherein I get to use the zigzag stitch to my heart's content. 

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