March 21, 2011

12 Months Old: The First Birthday.

Yesterday was magical. Beautiful, breezy and sunshine-y, Tessa's birthday party was everything we hoped for. We mostly hung out outside, where Nekos grilled burgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob, and we sat out on blankets in the lawn with friends and family. Tessa had so much fun playing with her friends and her new toys, swinging in her new swing set, getting filthy crawling around in the grass and on the deck, and receiving so much love and affection, not to mention her first cake and ice cream. I promise I think it was the best day of her life so far. To end it all, it she let me rock her to sleep. With her legs astride me and her cheek on my chest, she fell deeply, heavily, deliciously asleep. I lay her in her crib thinking that I feel closer to her than I ever have.   

Here are loads of pretty pictures of her first birthday party! 

Nekos' sister Angie, his two nieces Danielle and Ariana and nephew Lawrence came in town the day before but weren't able to stay for the party. We took them to one of our favorite brunch spots, Sky Blue. 
Tessa, waiting for her guests to arrive. She was so digging on all of her balloons. 
One chocolate-chocolate cake and one carrot cake, made by Sweet 16th Bakery. Both delicious. 
My mom made four arrangements of gorgeous daisies for the party! 

Party favor baskets for the babies. 
The spread. Thanks Nekos! 
Tessa with her grandfather and great-grandfather (who is 92!) 

Blowing out her candle with help from daddy. 
That's my dad, Tessa's grandfather, to the right over there.
Her first cake and ice cream. 

Tessa with my Dad's twin sister, my Aunt Bugs.
Bethany and Juliana.
Bethany and Juliana.
Opening presents!
Hat hair. 
Tessa wore the glitter boots for her party and was gifted these ah-mazing "Small Frye" boots from T.J. and Kimberly. 

Me and my mama. 
Johnny and Sawyer. 
The new swingset was a focal point because Tessa is obsessed with swinging. 

Piper and Sawyer. 
Hanging with Grandpa George.
Sawyer and Tara. 
Sawyer and Tara. 
With her godfather, T.J.
I was so happy that my friend April was in town from Las Vegas with her daughter Piper. I think what she is so passionately telling me in this picture is how much she hates her couch and wants to buy a new one. 
Getting a push from Lenore.
Daniel and June.
Tessa got a tan!