March 1, 2011

Before & After: Another Turtleneck Bites The Dust

I was so tempted to go buck wild when Free People landed on Ruelala yesterday (if you didn't know, Ruelala's a discount site that sells brand name clothes on the cheap.) (If you also didn't know, Free People is my favorite.) But I refrained. Partially because I saw something I thought I could make myself.

Their Bell Flower Halter top reminded me of a turtleneck I had lurking in my closet. A turtleneck that I haven't worn since, like, 2008. It -- like the other turtleneck that I tore apart last month -- always made me feel frumpy and it was also always too big. But it's a Free People turtleneck and it has lots of sweet details so I could never bear to Goodwill it. So I made it into a halter top instead.
Source: Free People
Source: Free People
Here's what I was working with. (The husband had the camera today so all I had to work with was Photo Booth):
The original ...
... with a pretty snap-up back. 
This project ate up both of Tessa's naps today :) There were some nerve-racking moves that had to be made -- like slicing off the entire neck, then pleating and reattaching it. And then I took in the whole shebang along the sides.

Now I feel like this is something I'll wear often this summer and that will be really cool for layering.

I plan to enter it in A Beautiful Mess' Project ReStyle. Have y'all heard about that? I don't think it's really that mind-blowing of a project but we'll see what happens.