March 31, 2011

Before & After: Sad Sandals Get a Quick Restyle

I ordered these Matiko shoes online seven months ago. They were on sale and I liked that the heel wasn't insanely high, but as soon as I got them in the mail I though blehhhh. They reminded me of men's sandals (maybe something along these lines) and I never wore them. But then I saw a pair of Jeffrey Campbell platforms, got inspired, and thought maybe if I just added fringe to the shoes everything would be okay.

I'd picked up an ugly leather coat for 99 cents at the thrift store and it happened to be the same color and texture of the leather on my shoes. So I traced the outline of the shoe onto the leather, used a rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut half-inch pieces of fringe, and then used OK to Wash It glue to glue it right on. I secured it with thread and needle in several places, but literally had to use pliers to pull the needle through the leather. The whole project took about an hour.

What do you think? Are you sick of leather projects? I hope not. I have some more in the hopper.

p.s. Tonight is the first night I get to go to Nashville Fashion Week stuff! I missed Betsey Johnson last night, but am so stoked to get to see Christian Siriano tonight and go to the Sleeveless afterparty. I'm going with Style Me Kimberly, so check out both of our blogs tomorrow for the full scoop.

The original shoes:

The inspiration:
Source: Singer22

The process:

The finished product:

'Scuse the home-done pedi on the fly. It needed to happen though. 


  1. You are becoming such an expert in the leather dept. How cool. I love those platforms and I agree, the fringe makes all the difference.
    ps: can't wait to hear about the party. (You know Jessica from Sleeveless is the one doing my dress!)

  2. you are so clever. they look soooooooooo much better.
    hope you had a good time last night.


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