March 10, 2011

A Closet Disaster.

The current condition of my closet
In this month's Lucky Magazine (the one with Zoey Deschanel on the cover), there's an article about how to best organize your closet. It has some great ideas, not only for the smartest way to store things but how to personalize and decorate a closet, even a small one. My favorite idea was to cut corkboard to size and hang it in your closet so that you can post pictures, tear-outs from magazines, even hang jewelry.

My closet, above, is mostly a disaster. But I went ahead and, as Lucky suggested, bit the bullet and ordered all-new matching hangers, called Huggable Shirt Hangers. These promise to save a lot of space (much more so than the wooden hangers hallowed by most clotheshorses) and to keep everything looking tidy and at eye-level. I am such a Virgo.

I also ordered two of these, for hanging belts and scarves:

And four of these to hang all my skirts:

I need to clean out my closet anyway and to start packing away some of the winter stuff, so consider this the BEFORE look at the contents of my closet. I'll be back in a week or two with a whole new situation.

The view to the right

The top shelf

The crowded, mismatched hangers
The view to the left