March 4, 2011

The Happy List

Yarn pom-pom flowers. A girlfriend sent me this picture and I fell in love with these pom-pom flowers. I think I might invest in a pom-pom maker (around $6) because I hear that pom-pom making can be very time consuming and I think I might like to make piles of pom-poms. 

Source: Country Living

This tee-shirt. Sorry if the mofo word offends you. I personally enjoy the mofo word. And I enjoy writing. This also comes as a coffee mug. I ordered both. I need to make use of them quickly, before Tessa learns to read.

Source: The Rumpus

Tie-dyed slips. Love this as an idea for reusing pretty thrifted slips. I think this would be a really fun project to do in the spring with a group of girls. 

Source: Free People

Colorful tights. I love seeing tights in saturated, non-traditional colors, especially with an otherwise neutral outfit.
Source: We Love Colors
These are all the colors that the We Love Colors tights come in! 51 different colors to choose from at $8 a pop.
Source: We Love Colors

Adele. I am not alone in this. I'm pretty sure her album is No. 1 right now, and for good reason. Holy God is it good. I especially like the track "Someone Like You."

Van Morrison. Late last week I pulled Astral Weeks off the shelf because warm weather makes me want to listen to Van Morrison. I really, really, really love that album and I swear I think Tessa likes it too.

And finally, my husband's back in town! He has been in Buffalo, NY, on business since Tuesday morning so I've been playing single mama for the past few days. Thankfully Tessa was on her best behavior and everything went smoothly. He came home wiped out but I look forward to lots of family hangtime this weekend.

In fact, alone time makes it onto my happy list too. I sort of enjoyed not stressing about putting dinner on the table this week. But my favorite thing about the last few days was having our king sized bed all to myself. I like to sleep diagonally across the bed, with pillows piled up high on either side of me.

Source: Tastes Orangey
Speaking of being alone, surely you've seen this pretty video about being alone? If not, check it out.

However, Nekos, the truth is that:
And that's saying a lot.

What made you guys happy this week?