March 25, 2011

A Happy List

This sweater. I liked this sweater so much that I ordered it right away, even though it's a men's sweater and even though it's pretty much already spring here in Nashville. Sometimes you just love what you love. I hoping I can wear it at least once (with a skirt and tights? with hole-y jeans and Converse?) before I put it away for next winter. 
Source: CaviNYC

My new "hand ornament." I've been seeing these cool Jen Shon bracelets on Planet Blue and wanting one soooo bad. So I made one for myself yesterday, and I totally love it and want to make more. I was thinking I might do a tutorial about how to make one for the blog. But it looks sort of self-explanatory, so maybe not. Let me know if you're interested?

This board book. My friend Joy gave this to Tessa for her birthday. But let's be real, this was a present for mama. It starts off, "Mama wants a martini ... Daddy wants a margarita ... Grandma wants a bloody mary ..." I grin every time I see it. It's from the folks at McSweeney's and there are lots more where this briliance came from (Baby, Plan My Wedding, Baby, Do My Banking, etc.) 
Source: McSweeney's

Amos Lee. I got to interview Amos this week for articles for both Gibson Guitar and BMI. I think I'm in love; he talked to me like we were old friends and he'd just been waiting for me to come around so he could really hash some things out. His newest, Mission Bell, is such a fine record.

"Violin" is my favorite from Mission Bell:

Speaking of music, Nekos and I are going to see Jessica Lea Mayfield at Mercy Lounge tonight. It's been awhile since I got to soak in some live music and the Mercy is my favorite venue in Nashville. Just the perfect size.

Tessa/sleep. And, ok, I can't stop talking about this ... but Tessa has started falling asleep in my arms for the first time since she was teeny tiny. Last night I put her to bed in her crib and heard her fussing about an hour later so I went into her room and scooped her up. I rocked her for a couple minutes and she fell totally asleep on me. I couldn't bear to put her back in her crib so I carried her back to my bed and she slept on my chest while I read my book. Like, this is seriously the reason I wanted to be a mom. It makes me so happy. This is the best.