March 31, 2011

My Perfect Bedroom

I got a bunch of new catalogs in the mail yesterday and spent quite a bit of time browsing through them, dreaming again of redoing our bedroom. What I came up with was a clean white space with travel-inspired details, like enormous maps and vintage suitcases.

This wall color ... 
Source: Benjamin Moore, Ancient Ivory
... a simple mosquito net fabric bed canopy, suspended from the ceiling by pretty branches ... 
Source: El Cancho
... this headboard (that antique mantle over there isn't too shabby either) ...
Source: West Elm, Scroll Headboard
... this 8-foot world map, which adheres to the wall (the bar would stay downstairs) ...
Source: Pottery Barn
... a vintage suitcase repurposed as an end-of-bed bench ...
Source: Design*Sponge
.... pots of fresh lavender ...

... this bedding -- white, but with textural details ... 
Source: West Elm, Polka Dot Quilt
... this rug ...
Source: Anthropologie, Floral Fresco Rug
In some ways, my dream room is totally doable for us, and I don't think it would be that expensive to recreate. But there is one thing that will never work and that's white bedding. Because the truth is that we have two little dogs who sleep in bed with us every night. And no matter how many times we say that that's going to change, it never does. I will never sacrifice my snuggle time with Garp and Hattie, even if it means I'll never get to sleep in a pristine white bed. Some things are just more important. 


  1. LoVe that room! Rug, Comforter, Suitcase bench.... brilliant!

  2. bar in the bedroom...that's just multitasking!! ;)

  3. It would be gorgeous! I dream about bedroom possibilities too :)

  4. oooh - such amazing choices. we need angel investors for our homes. ;)

  5. well, let me tell you how a white bed works (I have one): buy washable materials and you're good to go! Our bed is white, our dog used to sleep with us until the baby came along and now she does. :-) But I still have a white comforter. So far so good. I love, love, love all your ideas. Got the travel bug myself.

  6. You made some delicious choices! Great photos, great color picks. Nice work. I hope you can create it. Why not?