April 23, 2011

A Blogging Break.

When I started blogging last year I made a commitment to blog most days of the week. That's because that's what most of my favorite bloggers do, and I like having a fun and familiar daily read. Over time my favorite thing about blogging has become that it inspires to me to start and finish crafting projects and to invest my time in more meaningful things. It's become a photo journal of my life and some of the things that I love. But this week my heart was just NOT in it. My blog was sort of like that old friend that you spy at the grocery store and rather than make polite conversation with her you duck behind the pickle jars. You don't really know why but you don't feel like saying hello.

Well I sort of know why. We got a couple of financial sucker punches this week: one courtesy of the IRS and one courtesy of a tree that fell, pulled our electrical lines off our house, and left us with a shocking electrician's bill. Very sobering stuff. It's not our fault at all that we owe so much money. It's just one of those life-is-not-fair scenarios, and we'll deal with it. It's brought our little family closer together this week as we realize what's important -- not money, not maintaining a daily blog, not anything else other than taking care of yourself and the people that you love.

Oh and also, we lost power and our internet service for a couple of days and even still don't have Internet. Hopefully tomorrow. And ... there was another surprisingly scary scenario involving wild turkeys in our backyard (I haven't eaten a turkey sandwich since), and I had more writing deadlines than usual (thankfully!). My blog just wasn't meant to be this week, but that said, I've been jotting down all kinds of ideas for new crafts to share, and I so look forward to getting back to blogging next week.

Plus, I cut off about a foot of hair on Wednesday and have a new a chin-length 'do that I need to show you guys. I sort of feel like a new person with this haircut.

Back soon!