April 6, 2011

Body Jewelry Goes Boho. I Suddenly Love It.

I remember thinking that only Beyonce and Shakira could pull off body chains, but they're suddenly looking easy to pull off and really cool. Not to mention they'd be easy to make on my own without shelling out over a hundred beans for one of these pretty Jen Shon pieces: 

Source: Planet Blue
Source: Planet Blue
Source: Planet Blue
(If you like this look, you can check out similar stuff from Bliss Lau here.)

A couple more offbeat pieces that I have my eye on:

This headpiece made of vintage necklace chains...
Source: Morea Seal, etsy
This feather ear cuff...
Source: Anni Jurgenson
This hand ornament...
Source: Planet Blue
Also, last week I promised a recap and photos of Nashville Fashion Week, but I never delivered. That's because I only ended up going to one event, but it was the event I most wanted to go to: the Christian Siriano show! (He won season 4 of Project Runway. If you don't know, now you know). I'd been to only one fashion show prior -- in NYC in 2006 -- and I was worried about whether or not Nashville would be able to pull it off. It wasn't without its hitches; the show took place in a garish East Nashville church, and one model literally limped down the runway. BUT the place was packed with eager Southern fashionistas, and once the spotlights were cranked up, it all looked pretty legit. There were four designers who showed their collections before Christian, including local designers Olia Zavozina and White Rabbit.

I tried to take pictures, y'all. Nekos, who's a great photographer, had put our fancy camera on an automatic setting before I left the house to make it easier on me. But I got so flustered about this one chiseled male model whose picture I was trying to take that I messed up the setting. Most all my pictures came out like this, which I think is hysterical:

Even this potentially great picture of me and Kimberly was blurry. So, you see, I didn't have much material to work with. Oh well, the clothes were gorgeous, and I had a great time and a baby-free night. And that's what matters.

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