April 2, 2011

A Happy List

These shoes. There is no way I can justify spending this kind of money on shoes, and believe me, I've spent lots of time this week thinking of how I might could. Maybe one day they'll go on sale. Until then, these are the most perfect platforms I've ever seen.
Source: Free People

Vintage Fisher Price. I've been geeking out over vintage Fisher Price toys. It's so strange scrolling through the etsy listings for them because I don't have conscious memories of these toys until I see a picture. And then it's like, yep, I had that schoolhouse, I had that barn. I have a crap memory so anything that makes things come flooding back, I love. But what I'm really after is the music box record player below. Bah-nanas!
Source: Etsy
Source: Etsy
Source: eBay

State pride necklaces. There's not one for Tennessee! But I love these.
Source: Kris Nations

This DIY maternity shirt. I'm not pregnant, although I may or may not be getting baby fever a leetle bit for the first time since I had Tess. However, we're planning to wait until she's three before I pop out another one. Anyway, how great is this shirt to mark off the 40 insanely long weeks of pregnancy and chart your progress in pictures?
Source: DIY Maternity

These Mr. & Mrs. pillows. Aren't these adorable?! I found them via Project Restyle, and they're handmade of felt and flannel. I want to make some bad. Follow the source link below for the tutorial.
Source: Thistles and Twigs

This handmade felt baby mobile. I think I searched the longest and the hardest for Tessa's baby mobile. There are so many terrible ones out there. I ended up finding some paper umbrellas that I used, but which the toddler Tessa has since demolished. But I love this idea from ohdeardrea for making a pretty felt mobile by hand. 
Source: ohdeardrea
Source: ohdeardrea