April 2, 2011

A Happy List

These shoes. There is no way I can justify spending this kind of money on shoes, and believe me, I've spent lots of time this week thinking of how I might could. Maybe one day they'll go on sale. Until then, these are the most perfect platforms I've ever seen.
Source: Free People

Vintage Fisher Price. I've been geeking out over vintage Fisher Price toys. It's so strange scrolling through the etsy listings for them because I don't have conscious memories of these toys until I see a picture. And then it's like, yep, I had that schoolhouse, I had that barn. I have a crap memory so anything that makes things come flooding back, I love. But what I'm really after is the music box record player below. Bah-nanas!
Source: Etsy
Source: Etsy
Source: eBay

State pride necklaces. There's not one for Tennessee! But I love these.
Source: Kris Nations

This DIY maternity shirt. I'm not pregnant, although I may or may not be getting baby fever a leetle bit for the first time since I had Tess. However, we're planning to wait until she's three before I pop out another one. Anyway, how great is this shirt to mark off the 40 insanely long weeks of pregnancy and chart your progress in pictures?
Source: DIY Maternity

These Mr. & Mrs. pillows. Aren't these adorable?! I found them via Project Restyle, and they're handmade of felt and flannel. I want to make some bad. Follow the source link below for the tutorial.
Source: Thistles and Twigs

This handmade felt baby mobile. I think I searched the longest and the hardest for Tessa's baby mobile. There are so many terrible ones out there. I ended up finding some paper umbrellas that I used, but which the toddler Tessa has since demolished. But I love this idea from ohdeardrea for making a pretty felt mobile by hand. 
Source: ohdeardrea
Source: ohdeardrea


  1. Now I'm nostalgic for those barns and schoolhouses from my childhood!

  2. i'm new to your blog & just wanted to say that i love it :) I am pregnant with #5 and i love that maternity shirt! definitly going to look into it!

  3. So true what you said about the visuals sparking the memory! I totally had that record player!!! Also had one that only played Donnie and Marie (are you too young to remember them?) and it had a microphone that I of course belted out the songs into. Thanks for the memory jog. And - LOVE those shoes and want you to buy them -when they go on sale. :-)

  4. that mobile is super cute! i bought my little nephew one from etsy of little owls and he loves it! i love the look of it being handmade. gives more life to it!


  5. Ellen, my mom still has almost all of the vintage Fisher Price toys you shown at her house. She also has toys that she played with as a child. I love that Annabelle plays with all of this stuff every week!-MK