April 13, 2011

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Toilets: Tess Is On the Loose.

Tessa Jean is officially walking more than she is crawling, and she is into every single thing. I thought she was into everything before, but I was very wrong.

Now it's all, Oh, this is the title to your car, mama? Let me just pull it out of this drawer here, crumple it up, lick it, tear the soggy corner off, and throw it on the floor!

And: Oh, is this where you keep your wine glasses? I'm gonna just mix myself a baby drink if you don't mind.

I am always shrieking, Tessa! Nooooo! But it doesn't seem to register. I try tilting her little chin up with my fingers so that she's looking into my eyes when I say no, but she just thinks it's funny and grins her head off.

During any given day, I alternately think she is the most terrific and most abominable kid in the whole world.

Yesterday she had an epiphany about the toilet. There's water inside there! Water for splashing! So it's time to install the toilet lock lids. I had been putting that one off.

This walking thing allows her to be even more independent than she already was, which I'm all for. Now I can just keep the back door open while I'm doing dishes, and she will totter out onto the deck, climb down our steps and into the lawn to play with sticks and grass and to throw Hattie's dog toy for her.

The best part about her walking? When I'm sitting on the floor, she walks right up to me and puts her arms around my neck for a hug. It's pretty swell.