April 29, 2011

13 Months Old: The Many Faces of Tess.

Today was one of those days when Tessa's bedtime could not come fast enough. My house was loud today -- crammed with her cries and shrieks and squeals and growls so that even now that she's gone off to sleep I keep imagining I hear her still. She's getting over a stomach bug and she's cutting trillions of teeth and who knows what else? She wanted to be held all day long. Which is fine mostly. Except that, Lord, sometimes it's not fine at all.

We're having a cookout tomorrow for 30 of Nekos' co-workers so I was trying to get the house cleaned up and put red velvet cupcakes in the oven while finishing a writing deadline. The cupcakes turned out brown, not red. And the house still needs some work before people show up tomorrow. But Tess thought those were super lame excuses and didn't want to hear it. She wanted me to sit outside with her.

When I can't think what in the world to do with her, I take her outside. She fusses less. Her caramel skin sops up the sunlight and her eyes take in the wonder of the blue sky and green trees. Because of her, I can't help but notice all that stuff more too. I love this little girl. She is a special soul. A special soul with temper tantrums.