April 8, 2011

A New 'Do: Ombre! Ombre!

In my mind, this headline is said with the same inflections that a guitar-wielding mariachi band member would say, "Ole! Ole!"

So, you've heard of this "ombre" haircolor trend, right? Where you leave the top half (your roots) dark and lighten the ends, so that it looks like grown-out highlights. Or like a surfer girl who's spent the past year growing out her hair in Nebraska. All the cool people are doing it, y'all.

I've been thinking of trying it out for over a year so a few days ago I went for it. It seems like once a year I do something weird with my hair (this time last year, there were turquoise streaks). Now it's ombre. I love it. It feels really summery and different from my normal dark-dark hair. I think it's a good way for a brunette to mix it up without a full commitment to blonde-ness, you know?

The inspirations:

Alexa Chung
Drew Barrymore
Rachel Bilson
Nekos and I are headed to Memphis for a quick trip to see Kings of Leon and Band of Horses tomorrow night. Two of my favorite bands, one bill. I am very, very excited about the bands but even more excited to have time just me and him. 

Hope you all enjoy your weekends!