May 24, 2011

Hexagon Flower Tank Top.

On Saturday night Nekos and I watched the movie Catfish, which is this super great, totally surreal documentary about a guy who meets a girl on Facebook. The girl turns out not to be the hot artsy 19-year-old she claims to be but instead is a nusto 40-something with hair down to her kneecaps. Have you seen it? I loved it.

Anyway, while we were watching that I made another hexagon flower using the same technique I talked about here. And the next day I used my sewing machine to sew it onto this plain white Target tank top. I think that it turned out so sweet. I can see more of these flowers in my future.

Of course, I dream of making so many hexagon flowers that they, ahem, grow into a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, but considering that just one of these flowers takes me about two hours to make I have a new appreciation for the time and craft of quilt-making.

Sigh ... 

Source: Anyone Can Quilt