May 21, 2011

A 'Lil Happy List - In Stitches Edition

Here are some pretty cross stitch and embroidery patterns I've come across lately. Totally makes me want to break out my embroidery floss and make something sentimental. The jam and toast embroidery below is a free pattern over on and since peanut butter and jelly is my favorite food the world over (I have a very refined palette) it only makes sense for me to tackle it.
Source: Bec Groves
Source: Ruggles Stitch, etsy
Source: Cozy Blue, etsy
Source: The Time Is Now, etsy
Source: CozyBlue
Source: Feeling Stitchy (Free Pattern!) 
Source: Bec Groves
And how about this embroidery cake done with sprinkles?! I don't think I could ever cut into it. I would see if I could petrify it or something?
Source: Clockwork Lemon