May 14, 2011

Short Hair-brained Ideas.

OK, so maybe I do miss my long hair a little bit. Not it so much, but the options for styling it. I always liked to do the heidi braids pinned on top of my head and a messy bun and a ponytail. Now, it's pretty much just down--either flat-ironed sleek or air-dried messy. This morning I went on a hunt for some ideas to style my hair differently. Here's what I came up with:

Add '90s style daisy clips a la Drew Barrymore...
Source: Ellen VonUnwerth
... which is totally do-able as a DIY.
Source: Miss Selfridge
Pull it half-back a la Shannyn Sossamon...

... with one of these maybe.
Source: Modcloth
I'm realizing that braids are not out of the question. I know, that's a heavy revelation for a Saturday morning, but that's what I'm here for. 

Put a vintage scarf on it.

... or curl it, "foof" it, and brush it forward a la old-school and super hot Charlize Theron.

Got any other ideas for styling chin-length-ish hair?