May 28, 2011

So Not Funny at the Time.

I was already having a bad day yesterday--too many writing deadlines and not enough time for anything else--so when Tessa tottered off and got quiet for a few minutes I felt so relieved that she was entertaining herself. Until I walked into the kitchen and found her with an upended box of cornstarch, which she had managed to finagle through the child-safety lock on our cabinets.


In her hair,

tracked around the house by the dogs and her little feet,

and all over her face. 

Luckily, the incident ended up yielding the most hilariously bad, snort-worthy picture of Tessa that I've ever taken.
While I was taking these pictures I was only half-thinking, 'This is so darling. I need to capture this moment.' I was mostly thinking, 'I don't even know how to begin to clean all of this up so I'mma just sit here and take pictures instead of deal with this.'

This morning I finally think it's sort of funny.