May 10, 2011

We went to the Renaissance Festival.

On Saturday we went to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in Arrington, TN. We drove an hour to get there, paid $40 admission, watched a belly dancer and a bongo drummer go berserk, ate a turkey leg, drank a Magic Hat No. 9, looked at crystal necklaces, comforted Tessa through a choking fit inspired by a plume of incense, watched kids on a slay-the-dragon ride stab the air with plastic swords, stuffed our faces with peach cobbler while watching a jousting match, felt genuine disappointment when none of the knights got clobbered off their horses, considered buying a baby-sized fairy costume or tu-tu, gaped at a half-dozen people dressed as fairies and wizards as they pretended to be fairies and wizards. Decided to go home.