May 29, 2011

Stuff I Wore: A Date.

I got this vintage daisy-print wrap dress at the Nashville flea market yesterday and had to wear it out for date night last night. (While we were there, I also got the Dior sunglasses that I'm wearing sort of smugly in the last picture ... at least I really hope that they're Dior sunglasses; the guy gave me a strong sell about their authenticity.) I think I may alter this dress to either make it a few inches shorter or better yet just make it into a wrap skirt. Just because I felt a little too much like a church lady on Easter Sunday wearing this. But I still love, love the fabric and texture of this dress. 

Nekos and I hadn't been on a proper date since I can remember, and we had a really special night. We went to Firefly Grille for dinner (I had the best scallops ever) and then to see Bridesmaids (too friggin' funny) and out for a drink at 308 before we had to go home to relieve our sitter. And now I still have an extra day with him before he has to go back to work on Tuesday. Hope you guys are all having an awesome Memorial Day weekend!