May 13, 2011

Stuff I Wore: A Graduation Party BBQ.

I haven't done a What I Wore post in a few weeks. So here we are. I wore this outfit to the graduation party of Nekos' best friend from college's sister. Got that?

I was pretty nervous because the BBQ was set to start at 6:30, which is when Tessa usually goes to bed. But I was determined to go to this thing. I've taken on a more regular freelance writing gig (which is why I've been blogging here less) and it's kept me happily busy but also inside the house a lot. I needed an outing, and I get bummed out when I can't do things because of Tessa's bedtime, especially things at six-friggin-thirty. So we brought her Pack 'N Play along in case it would feel right to set it up and put her down, but it was a pretty busy event. Luckily Tessa entertained herself with a bucket of ice cubes and a pair of black labradors and a three-year-old boy named Will. She stayed up two hours past her bedtime (like a champ) and fell sweetly asleep in the car. No fussing. That's not like my girl.

So here's something strange: These What I Wore posts don't usually get many comments, but they are almost always the most clicked on posts I do. I can guess what that means. And I usually don't have good things to guess about it. But I also think, heck, if you click on it, I'll keep doing it--within reason of course. ;) Plus they're easy to do--unlike putting together a DIY or pouring my heart out with an essay-type blog entry.

Top - Poppy Sam (bought at Serendipity Emporium in Nashville)
Vest - Lucca Couture (bought at Pangea in Nashville)
Jeans - BDG Skinny Jeans
Boots - Dingo, hand-me-downs from a friend

p.s. I'm still really enjoying my short hair. I haven't had any remorse about cutting it (yet).