June 2, 2011

A Giveaway: Pampers Diapers!

Early on I tried every disposable diaper possible at every price point, but quickly decided I liked Pampers best, for two reasons. One: They are the softest and least bulky. And two: They smell amazing. Like baby-powdered angel bottoms. (Before Tessa was born, I filled a drawer full of newborn-sized Pampers diapers and took them out daily to marvel at how miniature they were and how baby-yummy they smelled.)

For those reasons, I’m so happy that Pampers is sponsoring the inaugural giveaway on Black and White and Loved All Over! I mean, can you get more practical than free diapers?? 
In celebration of the brand’s 50th birthday, Pampers has launched a new campaign called “For every little miracle” and is giving away two packs of Pampers diapers (in the size of your choice) to one lucky reader.

As mama to a biracial baby, I love that Pampers’ “For every little miracle” campaign pays tribute to many different types of families and acknowledges various roads to parenthood.

To enter this contest, simply:

1) Watch Pampers’ “For every little miracle” video below and “Like” Pampers on Facebook to gain access to a great parenthood support group and fun Miracle Missions. (Bonus points if you share the video on your FB or Twitter page!)

2) Become a follower of this blog if you’re not already. (See top right of this blog where it says "Follow.")

3) Leave a comment below saying you’ve done both.

You have until Wednesday, June 15 to enter the contest. A winner will be chosen at random and announced here on the blog on Thursday, June 16. Please enter only once per family.

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