June 27, 2011

Henna Hands and a Full Heart.

I know this is a super cheesy post title, but the thing is: I ended up having an epic girls' night last night, and my heart really does feel especially full today because of it. Afterwards I got home and could hardly sleep because I was reflecting back on what a lovely and perfect night it was. I was invited to the shindig by a brand new girlfriend of mine, Emily Harper Beard, who I sort of fell in love with right away. And I feel so grateful that last night she introduced me to her best girlfriends--a close-knit group of sweet, feisty, variously talented women. The timing was on the money because just a few weeks ago I had admitted to myself and to the universe why I had been feeling blue and kind of empty: I've been lonely. When I don't have a girlfriend available who I can be vulnerable and silly with and vice versa, I just don't feel myself. I've always considered myself a girl's girl. But my closest girlfriend moved away from Nashville many months ago and as other friendships have ebbed I've been keeping my eyes peeled for some new positive, creative, and nurturing ladies to befriend. I think I may have hit the jackpot. Here are a few cell phone pics from last night, complete with henna tattoos done by Miranda Crump, and some serious harmony singing courtesy of Kim Collins and Robin Dennis. Not pictured: Geeking out over clothes and sewing with Rhiannon Guillet, talking babies with Cara Graham, stuffing delicious munchies and wine down my face, and a hysterical, glass-shattering trip-and-fall. Sigh ... Thank you universe and thank you ladies!