June 20, 2011

A Summer Scarf DIY I'm Diggin'

This DIY wasn't my idea, but oh how I wish it had been! It's from SewMamaSew and it's called the Sweet Baby June Cowl. It's supposed to use voile and linen, but the one that I made with voile and plain ol' cotton was lots comfier since linen can be scratchy. 

I made three of these scarves the other weekend when Nekos was out of town. I gave one to my mama, but here are the other two:

I especially love the floral fabric on this one, which is designed by Nashville's own Anna Maria Horner.

Since all fabric at Nashville's Textile Fabrics is now half-off, I went to town with buying pretty fabrics and trims specifically to make these scarves. Now I have fabrics in mind to make three more of these. I love simple patterns like this that can be transformed to look completely different depending on the fabric and trim you choose.

So ... one of the fashion bloggers I follow--Calivintage--almost always includes these cool "jumping" pictures, where she looks to be levitating in one of her lovely outfits. Yesterday I asked Nekos to take some jumping pictures of me for fun. Turns out, it's 100 percent impossible for me to jump into the air without having a look on my face very similar to this:

I can't imagine what a maniac I must look like on a trampoline. So I'm going to leave the jumping pictures to that other blogger.