July 21, 2011

A Garden Terrace + A Clawfoot Tub.

Have you guys heard about these travel websites that let you rent out private apartments?

- Airbnb
- Homeaway
- Cross-pollinate

A Cup of Joe first clued me in to them, and I started to browse them recently for our Barcelona trip. I know we won't be spending a whole lot of time indoors, but I wanted our landing pad to have more character and privacy than a hotel room. And I am just such an environment person; if things look pretty and smell pretty and if the space is bright and tidy then I feel more relaxed and invigorated at the same time. Specifically, I was looking for a claw-foot tub where I could take long soaks and a little balcony where Nekos and I could have our coffee in the morning.

And look what I found, bitches!!! It's so affordable, too. Swear.

We'll have this ah-mazing one-bedroom apartment to ourselves. And that balcony I was dreaming of? I guess I'll just have to work with this PRIVATE GARDEN TERRACE instead.

The only teensy downside? Nekos and I are gonna have to rock this double bed, even though we're so used to our king-size-don't-even-touch-me-with-your-foot current sleeping arrangement. Ah, well!


  1. I'm a fan of couchsurfing.org it's like a hippy, non-capitalist version of airb&b and the like. You can offer your spare bedroom/couch to anyone for free and meet fun exciting travelers. And you can stay with a host family abroad in their spare bedroom/couch for free whenever you go traveling.

  2. that is amazing! I think lots of beds in Spain are teeny so you may have run into that anywhere.

  3. That is so beautiful! I wouldn't ever want to leave!

  4. Will and i rented a 1 bedroom apartment when we went and it was definitely the way to go!

  5. "And look what I found, bitches!!!"----LOL I love you.

    And I'm super jealous. You have to take a ton of pictures while you are there.

  6. Wow that looks amazing! What a great place to stay- and so much more character than a hotel!