July 6, 2011

A Happy List!

1) Solid fabrics + rickrack trim = big impact. I'm thinking pillowcases! Source: Purl Bee
2) Can't wait to try this tutorial on how to make a pretty bow ascot. Source: Candi Mandi
3) Mason jars sippy cups? I'm in. Sign me up. Source: A Bit of Sunshine

4) The real "royal wedding? Kate Moss'! Source: StyleCaster
5 & 6) Her Galliano dress and veil were perfect. I also loved the vintage dress she wore to her rehearsal dinner. Source: Vogue UK

7) Each of these sunny, modern-fairytale bedrooms. Source: Freshome
8) This cross-stich belt. Source: Anna Maria Horner
9) I want to try this magic braided leather tutorial for making leather hoop earrings. Source: I Still Love You

And finally ...
10) Nekos & I decided to just go for it, and we booked our flight to Barcelona at the beginning of September to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Let's just say: I. Am. Excited. Sources (clockwise): 1), 2), 3), 4)


  1. good for you for being adventurous and booking your trip! it sounds amazing!! what a perfect way to celebrate 5 yrs!

  2. oh how fantastic, you lucky lucky girl! :) your happy lists are always spectacular.

  3. i love Kate!! so happy for her.
    also, so happy for you and Barcelona! if you can, rent a car and drive up the costa brava and go to a place called Tossa. it's a small fishing village with a castle on the cliffs on the beach