July 26, 2011

How to Make Your Home Your Playground.

When did home decor get so stuffy? Who really wants to make small talk in a formal living room or belly up to a dining table with fine china? I mean, I don't. I've spent the last week scratching my head about which room in my house would be most optimal for hanging a mirrorball--living room? Kitchen? Here are some other things I've been thinking about, too:

Put the writing on the wall. Chalkboard paint is all the rage now. Fun for kids and also for adults, it's great for jotting down favorite quotes, love notes, to-do lists and reminders, or house rules (Supernanny-style). Or just doodle french bulldogs if that's your thing. We have one in our kitchen and it keeps inspiring me.
Built a fort. Even if you don't have kids. Especially if you don't have kids.
Hang a swing. I've been lusting after this swing that hangs inside Nashville's Tweed Baby Outfitters. It was handmade by super-craft-genius owner Maggie Tweedie and can hold up to 220 lbs. Maggie gets the swings from Ikea and then covers them with her imagination, which was also in full effect on that incredible tree bookshelf she designed.

.... or rig a hammock wherever you'd like. An indoor hammock? Dude, count me in.
Get creative in your kid's room. Childrens' rooms have always been the post popular palate for parents to get creative, but these days it's gone beyond hand-painted Pooh Bear murals. Like, uh, below. These parents obviously had an epic budget, but I love that they totally went for it with this pirate ship bed.
Or, you know, just skip the stairs. Need a drink of water before bed? Just swoosh on down to the kitchen.
 Make a messy bed fort. Who cares if it looks like a place where a teenager would blare Zeppelin and blow pot smoke out her bedroom window? That's the point.
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